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Complementary Prescriptions

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Since 1979, Complementary Prescriptions has formulated products containing multinutrients, minerals, and phytonutrients as well as antioxidants, hormone supporter, and bioenergizers that help to create dietary supplements for effective anti-aging programs. In 2014, Complementary Prescriptions anti-aging vitamin supplements became available from ProThera.


Complementary Prescriptions offers a wide variety of anti-aging vitamin supplements that are great for everyday wellness. Ultra K2 Menatetrenone Supplement is an essential nutrient in supports blood clotting, cardiovascular, bone, and connective tissue health. Glucose Control Formula is designed to be used with a healthy diet in order to produce healthy blood sugar levels. Glucose Control Formula contains antioxidants that maintain healthy and balanced blood vessels and promote circulation. Our lithium orotate supplement helps to balance and boost healthy moods as well as promotes mental focus and may also improve memory.



*new customer please register to create a new account and contact us by email regarding the free consultation. Existing customer please Login for consultation details. Complementary Prescriptions requires you to be under the care of a healthcare professional or practitioners. Complementary Prescriptions continues to be a respected force in the homeopathic and nutritional fields with its cutting edge medical and healthcare supplements and products.


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