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Simply Asia Spicy Kung Pao Noodle Bowl - 8.5 Ounces (Pack of 6)

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Experiencing the vibrant, delicious flavors of asia has never been easier. Our restaurant-quality noodle bowls are made with premium tender- cooked noodles, flavorful signature sauces, vegetables & crunchy toppings. At home or On-The-Go, our noodle bowls will satisfy your asian cravings in minutes. Simply asia is real asian. Real fast. Each bowl includes: tender-cooked asian noodles, simply asia signature sauce, vegetable packet, toasted sesame seed topping, fork.            

We’ve traveled the Orient to bring you the famous and delicious flavors that have made this food loved throughout the world. Following long kept traditional recipes, our sauces and seasonings capture each Asian region’s distinct character and flavor. Our authentic noodles--made in and imported from Asia--are formulated with the highest grade wheat or rice flour. Our sauces are custom blended in small batches using only superior grade soy sauces, fresh Asian spices and other premium ingredients. Our philosophy is to continue to use time honored traditional Asian culinary methods to ensure the very best quality and taste.

Simply Asia is distributed by Epicurean International Inc. The Simply Asia line makes traditional Asian cuisine available to consumers everywhere with products that are shelf-stable, imported from Asia, and utilizes the highest quality, all-natural ingredients available.

  • Microwave heat and serve
  • ready in 3 minutes
  • Vegan
  • Simply Asian uses the highest grade wheat or rice flour and all-natural ingredients available

Suggested Use Cooking instructions: 1. Empty contents of noodles and vegetable packets into bowl. Pour sauce over noodles. Add 2 tbsp. Water. Cover loosely with lid. 2. Microwave on high 90 seconds. Let stand in microwave for 1 minute. 3. Remove lid carefully. Mix well. Sprinkle topping over noodles. Enjoy. Microwave ovens vary; cooking times may need to be adjusted. Caution: bowl and contents will be hot after cooking

Other Ingredients Noodles: (wheat flour, water, wheat gluten, canola oil, salt, lactic acid, sodium alginate [a natural stabilizer]) Sauce packet: (water, pure cane sugar, soy sauce [water, soybeans, wheat, salt], rice vinegar [rice, water], peanuts, soybean oil, garlic, rice wine [rice, water], potato starch, salt, sesame seeds, chili, ginger, sesame oil, pepper, citric acid). dehydrated vegetable packet (green onions, carrot, bell pepper). Topping: (roasted peanuts).

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