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Sun Flour Mills - Mix Cookie Gf Sgr Snickerdoodle cookie - 10 Oz (Pack of 6)

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Story When I first went gluten and dairy free, I was so overwhelmed. All of the foods I had fallen in love with over the last 30 years, were taken away from me. I spent months "grieving the loss". I hated that, I, like most people, had perfected my baking and cooking skills in a gluten, casein, egg, nut, and soy based kitchen. I was an expert in making delicious food that I COULDN'T EAT!

I baked and cooked every chance I got. My evenings and weekends revolved around my kitchen. I researched and read everything I could about gluten free and dairy free food. I bought every gluten free grain available on the market. I learned what each grain tasted like and how it worked with other ingredients,

and after hours of work, I began to reap the sweet taste of success. Not only am I in love with food again, but I am proud that what I am eating is also good for me. All of our mixes are the perfect blend of good nutrition (based on my training as a nurse practitioner in a pediatric gastroenterology clinic), the accolades of sophisticated palates, and a true labor of love.

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My dear friend Barbie, who was already gluten/dairy free at the time of my diagnosis, would prepare weekend goodies for us she had been experimenting with. After a few samples I could not believe what I was putting in my mouth was gluten free. It was amazing! I almost cried it tasted so good. I emphatically stated, "You must share this with the world".

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