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Transformation Enzyme - Kidz Digest Powder - 1.46 oz ( 41.5g)

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Kidz Digest  is easy to administer. Two berry-flavored tablets with each meal and/or snack will promote healthy digestion and elimination.

  • Transformation takes great care to use only non allergen ingredients.*
  • Kidz DigestTM supports healthy digestion to assist in maintaining intestinal immune system support and reduce the symptoms of occasional indigestion, gas, and bloating
  • Enzyme Blends. Three enzyme blends work together to encourage a more complete digestion: a polysaccharolytic blend to assist with the digestion of sugars and starches,

NON-ALLERGENICABSOLUTELY NO FILLERS Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a child’s healthy growth and development. Kidz Digest™was createdbecause we understand there are circumstances that preventbreastfeeding.

Supplementing with digestive enzymessupports the digestion of formula and breast milk, assistingthe body to maintain a healthy digestive system.* Once foodis broken down into simple nutrients, the body’s cells andtissues can absorb the resources they need for energy,

growth,and repair. Whether breast fed or formula fed, Kidz Digest™will support healthy digestion and alleviate the symptoms ofoccasional gas, cramping, bloating and reduce spitting up.*

Enzyme Blends. Three enzyme blends work together toencourage a more complete digestion: a protease blendwhich includes DDP-IV to assist with the digestion ofproteins, a lipase blend with 3,000 FIP of activity to assistwith the digestion of fats, and a polysaccharolytic blendto assist with the digestion of sugars and starches.*

Powdered Product.Kidz Digest™in powdered formis easy to administer. Powder can be mixed in a smallamount of tepid water and given just prior to feeding. Mixture can also be administered by mouth with amedicine syringe just prior to feeding if necessary.

Safe and Effective.Transformation™enzyme productshave been clinically used for over 20 years to safely andeffectively assist with the reduction of food sensitivitiesthat may cause occasional gas, bloating, diarrhea,cramping, heartburn, and constipation.

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 1/8 tsp(1/2 scoop) mixed in a spoonof tepid water just prior to feeding oras directed by practitioner.3+ years of age: as above or createa paste that can be put on tongue.Available in bottles of 41.5g (1.46 oz)

Ingredients: Polysaccharolytic Blend; Peptidase Blend(50;000 HUT and 300 DPP-IV); Lipase(3;000 FIP); Flax Seed; Bifidobacterium infantis.

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