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Transformation Enzymes - MasterZyme - 100 Capsules

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This one of a kind formula is uniquely designed to support the entire endocrine system to help with balancing hormones, low energy and fatigue. Provides support for the adrenal, pituitary,thyroid glands and reproductive system. No fillers, non-allergenic.MasterZyme by Transformation Enzyme is a natural endocrine support supplement that supports the entire endocrine system.  

  • Support for entire endocrine system*
  • Support for encouraging regular menstrual periods*
  • Support for relief of low energy, lethargy and fatigue*

Each endocrine gland has one or more specific functions, but all are dependent upon other glands for the maintenance of a normal hormonal balance within the body. This one of a kind formula is uniquely designed to supplementally support the entire endocrine system for encouraging regular menses and supporting low energy, lethargy, and fatigue.*

The highly purified enzymes in the Transformation product line are concentrated from mycological sources specifically cultivated for optimum digestive activity in the human body.*   All Transformation formulas are carefully prepared to assure maximum quality and nutritional benefit.*



Recommended Use: Adults: One (1) capsule three times a day. More may be taken as needed. Take with adequate liquid. Gelatin two-piece capsules may be pulled apart and ingredients mixed with food.

Supplement Facts
Each capsule contains:
Enzyme Proprietary Blend 36mg
---Amylase 1,800 DU 
---Protease 8,000 HUT  
---Cellulase 100 CU  
---Lipase 10 FCCLU
Rose Hips (fruit) 104mg 
Thyroid Conc. 60mg 
Suprarenal Cortex Conc. 30mg
Anterior Pituitary Conc. 30mg
Black Cohosh (root) 30mg 
Irish Moss Algae 30mg 
Parsley Leaves 25mg
Gonad Substances (Ovarian, Orchic, Prostate) 15mg
Suprarenal Substance 10mg
Other Ingredients:  gelatin, water.
Contains NO:  Fillers.

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