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Vital 4U, Screamin Energy Ultra, Pre-workout Energy Shot, French Roast Caramel Coffee Flavor- 24 Shot (2.3 Floz Each)

  • $69.99
  • $59.99
  • Each Box Contains 12 Individual Pouches, (24 Pack) is 2 x 12 Count Boxes
  • CONVENIENT: Ready to drink straight from pouch, requires no mixing and no refrigeration. Our signature pouch is portable and strong. Fits easily in your pocket backpack or gym bag and can take up to 40lbs of pressure without bursting.
  • PERFORMANCE: Only 20mL per serving with Caffeine, Panax Ginseng, Yohimbine Hydrochloride, L-Arginine AKG, nootropic Alpha GPC and B Vitamins. An intense energy experience for the most demanding physical activities.
  • ENDURANCE: Less than 1 fl. oz. per serving allows for fast absorption and less liquid in your stomach
  • LOW CALORIE: Only 50 Calories per serving with 13 grams of carbohydrates. Made with real coffee, natural sweetener, flavor and colors.
  • Only 50 Calories
  • Approx. 185mg Caffeine
  • L-Arginine AKG 2:1
  • Yohimbine HCL
  • Alpha-GPC 50% (nootropic supplement)
  • Essential Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Made with Natural Flavors and Colors 

With a bold blend of ingredients, Screamin Energy ULTRA is unlike anything you've ever tried in an energy shot. It is something far greater than just "energy". At it's core, Screamin Energy ULTRA is a catalyst for physical activity and intense mental focus. Just one serving is all you need to turn an idle day into an industrious one. Perfect for that early morning gym session or a day packed with hard work or play, Screamin Energy ULTRA is ready-to-drink with a rich, natural french roast caramel coffee flavor. If you're searching for a hard hitting and long lasting energy product with intense focus, this is definitely the product for you.

the Morning - Whether you're a "morning person" or not, you will begin feeling the effects of Screamin Energy ULTRA within minutes and be on your way to a more productive day. Our natural french roast caramel coffee flavor is a great way to get your morning coffee fix without having to wait for the coffee maker or deal with a crowded coffee shop. Also, try adding Screamin Energy ULTRA to a glass of milk for a delicious morning drink.*

Before the Gym - Slam down a Screamin Energy ULTRA in just seconds and get ready for an intense workout. Be prepared to hit your workout harder than ever with ingredients like L-Arginine AKG 2:1, Yohimbine HCL, Caffeine, Sodium and Carbohydrates that work together to provide an unreal physical boost that will have you craving more. Those personal records are due for an update, don't you think?*

Sports Competition - Take your competitive edge to the next level both physically and mentally. Whether you're competing in a recreational sports league or play for a university or professional team you will be greatly satisfied with the extra intensity Screamin Energy ULTRA affords you!* 

Directions Directions for use: Tear off top and drink directly from pouch. Do not exceed 2 servings in 24 hours.

Other Ingredients: Purified water, sucrose, natural flavors & colors, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness), ascorbic acid, citric acid and panax ginseng

Safety Information
Not intended for use by children under the age of 16 or people sensitive to caffeine. Pouch contains approximately 185mg of caffeine. Made in the USA from domestic and imported ingredients

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