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Viva Naturals, Jojoba Oil - 4 floz

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Discover Jojoba Oil

As you know, your body produces its own natural oils, but everyday life—not to mention  weather, the environment and harsh chemicals—can deplete them, leaving your skin feeling dried out, and your hair feeling like straw. If you’re looking for ways to bring back the balance, it can be hard to know where to start—which oils do I use for what? And will my skin feel greasy all day? We’re here to help you keep it simple. Use Organic Jojoba Oil for face, body, hair, nails, beard—wherever you need hydration the most. It’s cold-pressed, which keeps Jojoba’s healthy fatty acids (the stuff your skin and hair absorbs as moisture) intact.* 

How Viva Naturals Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides can help:

Keeps skin soft & hydrated - Jojoba Oil is the main biological source of wax esters*, which is just a fancy way of saying it contains essential fatty acids that your skin turns into moisture.* Our formula absorbs quickly and gets to work straight away supporting and increasing your skin’s hydration.* 

Softens & conditions hair - We all love good hair days, and we know that they start with healthy, hydrated hair. Jojoba Oil can be used alone or added to your favorite hair care product. Using Jojoba Oil for hair is a great way to bring moisture back to the hair and keep it from becoming dry and brittle in any climate or condition (bring on the humidity!).

The perfect base for DIY skin care - Whether you’re brand new to the natural skincare game or a seasoned DIYer, you’re going to love how easy it is to whip up do-it-yourself favorites with Jojoba. Use it as a velvety base for everything from hair masks to body scrubs to lip balms. When we say Jojoba Oil is all-purpose, we mean it. 

Ways to Enjoy

All-Purpose Hydration

Use our Organic Jojoba Oil for skin as a great all-purpose moisturizer. Use it alone on damp or dry skin after a shower or bath. It can also be used to moisturize the nail bed or cuticles, keep beards from becoming dry and brittle, or even as a gentle, all-natural makeup remover. 


Vanilla Sugar Scrub

3-ingredients are all you need to create this yummy exfoliating, hydrating scrub for face, lips, hands, feet… everywhere! Combine 1 cup of brown sugar, a 1/4 cup of Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Store it in an airtight container.


Oil Cleanser for Face & Body

Oil cleansing is a great way to shake up your face and body care routine. Blend two tablespoons of Viva Naturals Jojoba Oil, three tablespoons of castile soap, three tablespoons of raw honey or agave, and your favorite essential oil.


All-Natural Lip Balm

Give your lips some love! Combine 1 tablespoon of beeswax pellets, 3 tablespoons of Viva Naturals Jojoba Oil, and 2-3 drops of an essential oil (optional) in a bowl. Bring a pot of water to a boil, then remove from heat, and place the bowl inside the pot of water. Let sit until the beeswax melts, stirring occasionally. Pour the warm liquid mixture into a clean lip balm stick or tin and let cool. 


DIY Hair Mask

Treat stressed-out tresses and say hello to better hair days! Heat 1–2½ tablespoons of Viva Naturals Jojoba Oil in a freezer bag by submerging the bag in hot (not boiling) water. Then, massage the oil into your hair and scalp. Long hair? You can also dip the ends into the oil to soak it up. Cover hair with a shower cap, then wrap a towel around the shower cap. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes (overnight for even deeper moisturizing), then rinse out.

Cold-pressed from the seeds of the Jojoba shrub and certified USDA organic, Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil is the natural way to keep your skin, hair and nails hydrated. Our Jojoba Oil is extracted without heat to preserve its skin-nourishing essential fatty acids.Hydrating all on its own, it can also be used in DIY skincare creations. In a nutshell? It’s your new all-purpose skincare (and hair care!) secret.

Ingredients:  USDA Organic Jojoba Oil

Size: 4 fl. oz. (118mL)

Caution: For external use only, Keep away from heat and open flame, Keep out of reach of children

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