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Viva Naturals, Sweet Almond Oil - 16 floz

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Discover Sweet Almond Oil

Nourishing your skin just got simpler.

You love the idea of using natural products on your skin, and even making some yourself — after all, taking a pass on skin-irritating chemicals sounds great. But with your busy schedule, you also need to keep your skincare routine super simple. Our cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil can help. It’s a works-with-everything staple that’s 100% natural, and free of hexanes and artificial fragrance. Keep some on hand for everyday moisturizing, or mix with essential oils in quick beauty blends. No matter how you use it, it’s an easy, all-natural way to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

How Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil can help

Leaves skin glowing, not greasy - A source of skin-nourishing vitamin E, our light Sweet Almond Oil spreads easily and absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue. So, it’s an ideal almond oil for skin after a shower (buh-bye, winter dryness), as a makeup remover, or in homemade massage oils.

Fragrance-free & perfect for blends - Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil is 100% natural with no added fragrance. So whether you use sweet almond oil for face blends like serums and scrubs, or in a simple lotion or body oil mixed with your favorite essential oils, it’ll never get in the way. See below for some easy-to-whip-up blends.

100% natural & hexane-free 

Unlike other brands made from bitter almonds, our pure almond oil is cold-pressed from the almonds of the sweet almond tree. It’s non-GMO, hexane free, and has no added fragrance — so any scents you add to it shine through. 

Push-top lets you control the flow

When it comes to Sweet Almond Oil, a little goes a long way. So we designed our bottle with a push-top cap to give you just what you need — no more, no less (it comes with a pump, too). Plus, its amber glass protects the oil from heat and light.

Ways to Enjoy

Relaxing Massage Oil

Hands up if you’re ready for a breather!  Add 2 drops of lavender oil to Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil, and store in a tightly-sealed container. As a general rule, about 4 ounces of Sweet Almond Oil gives you enough for a full body massage.

Rejuvenating Facial Serum

Use this in your morning and/or nighttime skincare routine for soft, hydrated, healthy-looking skin. Add 2 drops of tea tree oil to 4 ounces of Sweet Almond Oil. Apply gently to your face and massage lightly.

Sweet Facial Scrub

Makes a great gift! Add 1 cup of cane sugar, 1/4 cup of Sweet Almond Oil and a few drops of essential oils (optional) to a glass bowl and mix. You can store any extra for later use.

DIY Hair Mask

Did you know you can use sweet almond oil for hair, too? Add shine and moisture with this nourishing mask: Mix Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil in a 3:1 ratio and apply to your hair, then rinse.

Cold-pressed from almonds from the sweet almond tree (called Prunus dulcis), Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil is 100% natural, and free of hexanes and added fragrance. It absorbs quickly and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft with a well-hydrated glow. Love using sweet almond oil for skin in DIY beauty blends, or for hair masks? Its mildness makes it the perfect carrier for your favorite essential oils. 

Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

Size: 16 fl. Oz. (473 mL)

Storage: Keep away from heat and light.

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