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XyliMelts for Dry Mouth, Mint-Free, 80 Discs in Boxes

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80 domes of XyliMelts for time-release of xylitol (500mg) in the mouth to promote oral health and reduce risk of blood infection. Xylitol suppresses harmful bacteria that cause plaque, bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and heart disease.

The time-release technology of XyliMelts most effectively delivers xylitol in the mouth for the greatest anti-bacterial effect, meaning XyliMelts will outperform any xylitol gum, mint or candy on the market. Use XyliMelts daily as part of your oral care routine for a fresh, healthy smile!

Promotes healthy teeth and gums

  • Inhibits bacteria that cause plaque, tooth decay, ear and sinus infections
  • Stimulates saliva flow
  • Works with braces or dentures
  • All-natural

Use two domes before bed, one on each side of the mouth, in either the lower or upper part of each cheek. Optionally, use more at other times. You may remove it for eating and replace it after eating. Do not chew. Do not consume fructose (in fruit and added to many sweet drinks and foods) until one hour later. You may adhere the flat, dark side to teeth or gums to minimize movement. Use 4-8 domes daily for 1-20 days before each dental procedure if you have family history of or active cardiac disease and your dentist did not prescribe antibiotics. Some bacteria to be suppressed may evolve a resistance to xylitol. It may be best to suspend use of xylitol for about 2 weeks every two months to minimize such evolution.By bathing these cells with Avamin, you can keep your mouth lining healthy!

Safety Warning
Not recommended for children under age 6 - risk of choking; Harmful for dogs

Consumption of more than 30 grams (60 domes) in 24 hours can lead to gut discofort or diarrhea

Ingredients Xylitol (500 mg), vegetable gums, calcium stearate and nothing else

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